Monday, 1 September 2014

Urban, Architectural + Marine Art

I've had this blog for so long now I thought I'd better start putting up some posts ---- so here goes.

Since leaving school some many, many years ago, I have always been employed in the architectural/design professions, and I know it may appear stupid that I now embark, particularly at my age, on a new career.  

As a designer I have never really been without a pencil or a pen in my paw. I have always found the design process somewhat magical, more often than not design solutions just seem to appear from a random set of scribbled marks. The computer is most definitely here to stay and is a magnificent design tool, yet I do not think it can ever replicate the subliminal results that so often occur between the brain-pencil-paper, and I find it a great shame when I hear that this most fundamental design procedure is not encouraged more within our design schools and universities.

I hope, that as an extension of my previous work experience, that I can now provide a suitable existence sketching and painting urban, architectural and marine subjects. A further aspect that has influenced my choice of genre is that in 1989 I achieved the acceptance as a Fellow of the Society of Architectural Illustrators 

It is my intention to produce sketches and paintings of well known local, national and hopefully international  scenes whilst seeking commissions to portray specific properties, homes, boats and yachts.    

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